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What You Should Know about Garage Locks

What You Should Know about Garage Locks
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Homeowners often ask if there is a need for installing garage and porch door locks. While porch doors should definitely be secured with physical locking devices, the situation with garage doors is more specific. This is because they are typically automated. It is natural to ask whether automation and a physical lock go together and what type of device you should get if you decide to choose this security option. Let's find out.

Increasing Security Effectively

What You Should Know about Garage LocksThose who argue against the use of physical garage locks say that the electric operator provides a sufficiently high level of security. Indeed, this device will keep the door in place until it receives the right access code. However, it is possible for burglars to learn or guess the code and get inside easily and quickly. The good news is that the manufacturers of operators have taken this threat into consideration and have introduced rolling code technology that changes the access code automatically after each use of the remote. Despite this important measure, when the power is off, the operator is automatically disabled unless it has battery backup.

When all of these factors are taken into consideration, it becomes clear that a door lockset will improve the level of security of your garage. The important thing is to use it with care given the presence of the electric operator. If you use the operator while the door is locked, this can cause serious damage to the electric device and to the hardware as well. Given this, it may be best to use the physical lock only when you are away for longer rather than on a daily basis.

There is a wide choice of physical locking devices for garage doors. There are models that are designed to be fitted on one or both sides of the door. They use one or more bolts which go into the door frame for providing security. Though, the process of lock installation may not be simple. This is because most garage doors have tracks and springs or cables on the sides. You would not want the lock to interfere with the normal operation of the automated system.

The other main locking option is the so called defence lock. There is a bar set on the door panel and a plate set on the ground. The two parts interlock and are secured in place with a locking mechanism with a cylinder and keys. This type of device is effective, simple to use and quite convenient as well.

Once the locking device is installed, you need to care for it properly just like you care for your entire automatic door. Otherwise, you will end up needing lock repair or change service quite soon.

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